Hoys Work Health

Proudly serving New South Wales since 1994

Areas we cover include Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Port Macquarie, and the surrounding areas.

Hoys Work Health has been the premier local rehabilitation provider in Northern New South Wales for over two decades. 

We are proud to say that our experienced and skilled consultants have maintained a return to work rate of >98% in same employer services and >75% in new employer services since 2014. 

Our whole team lives locally, right here in Northern New South Wales, so we know and love our community. Throughout our careers, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the specific needs of local businesses as well as the individual members of our neighbourhoods. 

We’ve dedicated our careers to making sure that everyone in our area has access to comprehensive and affordable workplace rehabilitation services. Over the years we have built up a dependable network of local healthcare professionals that keeps our community safe, healthy, and successful.

We believe that everyone deserves timely, efficient, and personalised services, which is why we apply a multidisciplinary approach to workplace rehabilitation. Our vast team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation counsellors, psychologists, exercise physiologists & employment consultants provide a range of services from injury prevention assessments, to return to work case management, to life insurance and CTP frameworks, as well as many others.

Take a look at our full list of services offered or contact us with any questions you might have. We at Hoys Work Health are your local workplace health and safety experts and we’re here to help!