Our vast team of experienced, knowledgeable, and personable professionals are experts in a broad range of workplace and individual services. 

We are proud to say that our experienced and skilled consultants have maintained a return to work rate of >98% in same employer services and >75% in new employer services since 2014.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace rehabilitation case management is the coordinated provision of services to injured workers in order to facilitate their return to work in a timely, safe, enduring, and cost effective manner. Hoys Work Health is an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider and we have been providing top-tier services in Northern New South Wales since 1994.

We encourage early intervention, open and effective communication, and the establishment of specific goals and plans. Our workplace rehabilitation consultants have expertise in delivering the full range of injury management services for physical and psychological injuries.

This involves return to work services for those who are returning to their same employer as well as workers who will need assistance with finding employment with a different employer.

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Injury Prevention and Early Intervention

We believe that prevention is always better than cure. Work related injuries can change people’s lives. They are also disruptive and expensive for businesses to handle. Early identification and intervention is the key to injury prevention. This ensures that your employees can continue working and living a healthy life while your business thrives.

Our experienced consultants are trained in ergonomics and risk management, and expertise in current workplace health & safety legislation. Hoys Work Health offers practical and cost-effective solutions which will significantly assist in reducing your costs associated with workplace injuries as well as save you downtime, lower the chances of lost productivity, decrease costs of overtime and cut down your overall time in managing the claim.

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photo of office ergonomics training being conductedAll of our training programs are led by experts and curated in order to make sure that our community, its businesses, and its people have a safe and healthy place to work and live.

We offer both regular public training courses as well as personalised packages for on-site training that can fit any business’s needs and budget. Our training programs assist your organisation or business operate with improved health and safety measures to assist with injury prevention.

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