Injury Prevention & Early Intervention

Injury Prevention & Early Intervention

Hoys Work Health believes that prevention is better than a cure. The best way to handle workplace injuries is to anticipate and eliminate risks before anything happens.

Any injury that occurs at work is a serious incident. It can disrupt a business in many ways. It is expensive, increases downtime, decreases productivity and forces overtime. And of course, depending on the severity of the injury, it can be a life changing event for the employee.

Hoys Work Health employ experienced consultants  trained in ergonomics and risk assessment and management, with specific knowledge in current workplace health and safety regulations. We offer tailored assessments and training to assist in ensuring your office is ergonomically efficient and promotes a safe and healthy work environment.

Our practical and cost effective injury prevention solutions save you money, time, and provide peace of mind for you and your employees.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. If this is the case, it’s important to act quickly and efficiently in order to guarantee the wellbeing of the injured worker, protect yourself legally, and make sure that deadlines are met to ensure access to all necessary resources.

Hiring a third-party workplace rehabilitation case manager guarantees that this will happen. Hoys Work Health has been providing workplace injury prevention and early intervention services in Northern New South Wales since 1994.

All of our employees are not only accredited professionals, they are also active members of the Northern NSW community. We understand the distinct needs of our diverse neighborhoods, and are dedicated to making sure that everyone is safe, healthy, and has access to quality healthcare services.

That’s why we have worked so hard over the years to build, maintain, and improve our network of dedicated healthcare and wellness professionals. One of the biggest benefits of utilising our services is the access to such a well-respected and dependable system of medical experts, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation counsellors, psychologists, exercise physiologists & employment consultants. This way, as soon as an injury is assessed, we can assemble a team of specialists that will give the personalised care that is necessary to ensure a healthy, timely, and cost-effective recovery.

We also work closely with insurers to make sure that all of the paperwork is handled promptly and accurately. This is often a source of great stress for businesses, because they don’t have the legal and medical expertise to make sure that the bureaucratic aspects are handled in the most effective manner.

Hiring Hoys Work Health benefits all parties of a workplace rehabilitation case. The injured worker gets the best support available, the employer gets peace of mind and can operate business as usual, the medical professionals are able to do their job effectively, and insurers are able to deal with an experienced consultant that will ensure efficiency.

Suitable Duties Register

A Suitable Duties Register is a comprehensive document that details all the various duties available and necessary to be performed within an organisation. This is an invaluable tool for employers. If an employee is injured, this document is sent to the treating doctors who can identify appropriate duties that the worker will be able to complete safely and functionally in order to facilitate an early return to work.

An early return to work cuts down on the amount of workers compensation that needs to be paid, as well as overtime and extra expenses that go with covering shifts and responsibilities for an injured worker. Creating a Suitable Duties Register ahead of time allows you, the treating doctor, and the injured employee to work together in order to expedite the return to work process.

After a workplace injury it is common for people to go through depression, financial stress, social strains, and other negative experiences. Often, they get bored or anxious. This takes a harsh toll on their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Facilitating an early return to work cuts down on the amount of time they are unable to work, returns them to their community, and gets them back to earning a consistent paycheck.

Hoys Work Health will create your business its own Suitable Duties Register, completely personalised and unique to your business. This one-time service can help save your company money for years to come, as well as improve the quality of your injured employee’s lives.

Pre-Employment Assessment

Pre-Employment Assessments are a key component of a successful employee selection process. Creating a unique assessment that documents the necessary abilities for each position within your company ensures that potential employees are physically capable of performing the job that they have applied for. It assists the recruitment process by identifying the applicant’s physical suitability for the role, and identifies those who may be at risk of injury or aggravation of a pre-existing injury.

The individualised assessments often include:

  • A comprehensive medical history review
  • Task performance, specific to the role to be performed
  • Flexibility, posture & strength
  • Musculoskeletal functional assessment (strength and endurance testing)
  • Lifting & carrying capacity
  • Objective testing such as blood pressure testing, resting heart rate, SPO2-blood/ oxygen saturation, Height/Weight & BMI
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Visual & Audiometric (hearing) testing
  • Spirometry Assessments (Pulmonary / Lung Function Tests)

Neglecting to perform a Pre-Employment Assessment puts your business and your employees at risk. If an injury occurs, not only will that person’s life be changed for the worse, but you may be legally and financially responsible. The best way to avoid this possibility is to create checklists that detail the necessary physical abilities for each job position, and perform the proper evaluations throughout the hiring process.

Hoys Work Health can tailor a personalised assessment for your employment candidates to ensure they are physically matched to the job they are applying for. Assessing the candidate(s) against the predetermined requirements of the role will protect both you and them. Our assessments aren’t generic “one-size-fits-all” solutions. We will work with you to customise the best assessment to meet your needs and budget.

Fitness for Work Assessment

A Fit to Work, or Fitness for Work Assessment should be conducted if there are concerns with an employee’s ability to be able to perform the inherent demands of the job. The purpose of these medical assessments is to see if the employee is physically able to carry out certain jobs or tasks under the inherent working conditions.

A Fitness for Work Assessment is most commonly performed following a major injury. However they can be beneficial in many other cases such as;

  • Following an illness
  • When an employee returns from extended time off work
  • As a condition of a job transfer
  • The employee’s tasks/duties change
  • Other lifestyle risk factors have been identified which may impact on the ability to complete work tasks including age, health, and weight

Fitness for Work Assessments are performed by our Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists. The functional capacity of a worker is assessed against their job demands to ensure they can safely & sustainably perform their duties. The therapists may consider factors such as physical and mental abilities, sensory acuity, skill level, functional limitations, and any special considerations. Typically the only possible results are:

  • Fit
  • Unfit
  • Fit Subject to Work Modifications/Training

Since each job and candidate is unique, an exclusive assessment should be designed and performed for each case. Hoys Work Health has years of experience creating, coordinating, and reviewing customised Fitness for Work Assessments. Our staff of healthcare contacts is made of qualified and dependable medical professionals that will make sure that your employee assessments are of the highest standard.

Risk Assessment

Taking a proactive approach to preventing injuries is the best way to protect your business and it’s employees as well as ensuring your workers and workplace are safe and healthy. You have a legal obligation surrounding this. 

A key requirement of the Work Health & Safety Legislation is for the employer to systematically manage risks arising from workplace hazards. Risk assessments are very important as they form the foundation of the overall risk management plan within the workplace.

Risk assessments involve a detailed analysis of potential risks or areas of concern. Step one is to identify hazards and other risk factors that could potentially cause harm. This is known as “hazard identification.” Then an analysis of the risk associated with that hazard provides a “risk evaluation.” And finally, “risk control” is the recommendations provided to eliminate the hazard or control the hazard if elimination is impossible.

The aim of the assessment process is to remove a hazard or reduce the level of its risk by adding precautions or control measures. By doing so, you have created a safer and healthier workplace. This works to prevent injuries or illnesses that are likely to occur from these, and creates a detailed list that prioritises hazards and control measures.

Hoys Work Health performs detailed Risk Assessments for businesses all across Northern New South Wales. Our Risk Management experts are experienced professionals that live in NSW. We have been dedicated to keeping our community, its businesses, and all of the members that make it up safe and healthy since 1994.

Job Tasks Analysis

A Job Tasks Analysis, or JTA, is a survey meant to analyse a particular duty or responsibility in-depth, so that the most effective and efficient procedures can be documented. Job Task Analyses are most frequently used in high-hazard industries, however they are useful for every type of business. They can be used to create a number of useful documents including:

  • Interview questions
  • Job duties for advertisements of vacant positions
  • Minimum requirements (education and/or experience) for screening applicants
  • Training/orientation materials for new hires
  • Operating manuals
  • Selection tests/instruments (written tests, oral tests, job simulations, etc.)
  • Certification or accreditation programs

A Job Tasks Analysis is typically performed by asking the following questions in the following order:

  1. What is being done?
  2. Who is doing it?
  3. When is it done?
  4. What skills, abilities and training are needed?
  5. How is information communicated?

Often, it can be difficult for internal departments to properly evaluate all the details of a Job Task. Especially if there are physical requirements that could be impacted by medical conditions. Hiring a third-party to perform a JTA provides valuable insight from an alternative perspective.

Hoys Work Health have performed a Job Tasks Analysis for many local organisations across Northern New South Wales for years. We understand the importance of this responsibility, as we are dedicated to the health, safety, and efficiency of our local community’s businesses. If you’re looking to make new hires, create new manuals, or update your existing documentation, we can help!