Making sure that your entire staff is properly trained on every aspect of their jobs is one of the most important components of a safe, healthy, and happy workplace environment. Insufficient knowledge or understanding should never be the cause of a workplace injury or illness. Providing effective and timely training sessions helps keep safety at the forefront of employees’ minds and promotes a healthy community.

Hoys Work Health has been providing training services in Northern New South Wales since 1994. Team members are educated and accredited in their respective fields and keep up to date with the latest legislation and evidence based practices. We are active members of the community both at work and outside of it. We are dedicated to making sure that everyone in NSW has access to comprehensive workplace training and rehabilitation services.

All of our training programs are curated by experts in order to make sure that our community, its businesses, and its people are able to maintain a safe and healthy place to work and live. We offer both regular public training courses as well as personalised packages for on-site training that can fit any business’s needs and budget.

Whether the sessions are one-on-one or group programs or private personalised sessions, we are dedicated to making sure that your employees feel confident, comfortable, and fully prepared to fulfill their necessary duties.

Ergonomics Training

photo of office ergonomics training being conductedHoys Work Health provides ergonomic training designed to help workers understand the importance of correct ergonomics in order to prevent injuries and enable them to apply appropriate principles in the set-up and maintenance of their workstation.

A workstation is not just a chair at a desk. A workstation is anywhere that work is performed. For example, a vehicle, a kitchen, a warehouse, a production line, a retail store, a farm, indoors, outdoors… the list goes on.

Our ergonomic training programs are tailored to the individual workplace and provided on site. The training equips participants with the skills to safely perform all of their required tasks. Our programs include both theoretical and practical components so that all participants understand the importance of ergonomics, and are able to apply this knowledge upon completion of the training.

Individual training packages can be developed to accommodate your needs, whether it’s a specific one-on-one session or large group training.

Investing in ergonomic training ensures that your employees will be safe, comfortable and happy. It increases productivity, makes daily operations more efficient, and reduces money spent on workplace injuries.

Manual Handling Training

photo of worker using machineryHoys Work Health provides personalised manual handling training in groups or to individuals.

The program involves a short educational component followed by comprehensive practical manual handling training, so that participants gain a full understanding of the subject matter and are able to apply what they have learned in the workplace.

The educational component of the training covers the following:

  • Definition of manual handling.
  • Anatomy of the body.
  • Examples of good and bad manual handling.
  • Identifying risk of hazardous manual handling tasks.
  • Workplace injury statistics.
  • Minimising risk.
  • Employee and employer responsibilities.

Staff then participate in practical manual handling training which includes simulated manual handling tasks specific to job roles; trainer feedback and correction; and co-worker observation to identify and correct manual handling risks.

The training provides participants with the skills to safely undertake manual handling tasks and reduce the risk of injury.