Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace rehabilitation is the process of providing professional advice, guidance and support to injured workers and their employers in order to enable a safe and timely return to work.

Hoys Work Health has been providing these services in Northern New South Wales since 1994. Our team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors, and Registered Psychologists focus on early intervention, open and effective communication, and the achievement of client specific goals and plans.

Services include: 

Initial Needs Assessment

  • A comprehensive assessment engaging with the worker to identify obstacles to return to work.
  • Solution focused tailored recommendations aimed at a safe and timely return to work.

Workplace Assessments

  • photo of Rob Hoy onsite with clientAn assessment of the workplace and pre-injury role to gain a sound understanding of the physical and psychological demands required to achieve pre-injury duties.
  • Collaboration with the worker and employer to identify appropriate suitable duties to facilitate a timely return to work.
  • Functional education around task rotation and simplification; as well as education on correct posture, manual handling and movement breaks.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • photo of man assessing with clipboard and penAn assessment of an individual’s functional ability, using a series of standardised tests and work specific simulations to assess capacity for work.

Psychological Assessments

  • Assessment of an individuals’ capacity to perform various psychological or cognitive tasks.
  • Provides a measurement of that person’s current symptoms and fitness for work.

Case Conferencing

  • Face to face engagement with the treating doctor, worker and other stakeholders to ensure appropriate medical intervention to aid recovery at work; discuss return to work strategies; and facilitate upgrades in medical certification as appropriate.

Vocational Assessments

  • Identifying the workers vocational goals through an analysis of their skills, experience, qualifications, interests and work preferences.
  • An analysis of the local labour market to ensure job match between workers abilities and the demands of the job, and viability of the vocational goals.

Earning Capacity Assessments

  • Assessment of an individual’s capacity to earn taking into account their existing skills, experience, qualifications, age and current work capacity.

Return to Work Coordination

  • Liaison with all stakeholders to coordinate a safe, timely and durable recovery at work.
  • Development of suitable duties plans to facilitate recovery at work.
  • Coordination of required investigations and treatment to aid recovery.
  • Engagement with treating parties to ensure gains made in treatment are reflected in work capacity.
  • Finalisation of claims through facilitation of pre-injury duties certificates as appropriate.

Activities of Daily Living Assessments

  • Analyses an individual’s functional performance in the areas of personal, self-care, domestic and general home maintenance activities in and around the home.
  • Coordination of recommended services and equipment that will support recovery and return to work.